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My name is Greg Bales. I am an editor by trade and disposition. My partner Kathy and son Gabriel live with me, as do three cats, Jane and Mr. Bingley and Crabapple.

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Amalgamated (the Blog)

The blog is a miscellany.

About the Typewriter

The typewriter in the banner image is a Royal FP that belonged to my grandmother. It lived on her kitchen table most days, and every morning for longer than I have been alive she would write a few pages in her diary with it. Then, after breakfast, she would write a letter, usually to one of her children—one letter for each day of the week except Sunday. My grandfather had a typewriter, too, an IBM Selectrics, and around the time I was in eighth grade and learned to type, I liked to feel its hum beneath my fingers. In retrospect, his typewriter, though by then already being displaced by word processors, looked to the future: with built-in correction tape, typos could be corrected swiftly; the keyboard was light enough that my fingers could fly across it. To use his Selectric was to know what my life would become—what it is now. In contrast, her typewriter looks backward. To press its keys took the hand strength of a piano player. To correct a mistake took the patience to wait for correction fluid to dry. Because of that resistance, and because it was the only machine of its kind I had ever seen, and because it was one of the few things in my grandparents’ house that was exclusively hers, that typewriter has always been of a world I could only enter by trying to imagine it.