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It had been too long since I used the camera for anything but baby pictures (Oh, but isn’t he just adorable?), so Saturday morning I slipped it in my pocket and headed out into the neighborhood to see what I could see. I revived my yard art project, photographed a Chevy Nova, and found half a robin’s egg. On a whim, I went down below the Friendship Street bridge in Court Hill Park. There, I discovered a face that was painted on the side of the bridge. It’s not a representational face: It’s built of the words “AH” and “HA” (or the word “AH-HA”) and eyelash-curved lines. The only thing that tips it off as a face are two stenciled eyes on the inside of the culverts. But it’s a face nonetheless; it reminds me of a goat.

Friendship St. bridge in Court Hill Park

The eye

The day was so bright and the culverts lit so dramatically by transitions, I couldn’t resist taking more pictures of the culverts themselves. In all of the pictures, they are giant sinkholes in the center of the frame.


Culvert 2

Culvert 4




June 08, 2011

I love these!

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